Getting Started with Arduino

Getting Started with Arduino

Created by Marco Schwartz
Last updated 7/2020
Getting Started with Arduino is my proven step-by-step course designed to help you create projects using the powerful Arduino platform, even if you are an absolute beginner in electronics, programming, or both. Getting Started with Arduino is a 7 module step-by-step video course in which you will learn everything you need to know about the Arduino platform, starting from the absolute basics. I really used all the experience I acquired during 5+ years of working with the Arduino platform in order to create those step-by-step tutorials that will teach anyone how to create projects with Arduino. If you are serious about creating your own electronics projects, this is the course for you.

Course Content

Introduction to the course & the Arduino platform
Introduction to the course
The Arduino platform
Arduino boards & shields
Required hardware & software for the course
Getting started with Arduino
Discovering your Arduino board
Installing the Arduino IDE
Basics of an Arduino sketch
Uploading your first sketch
Example: fading a LED
Sensing data with Arduino
Reading data from digital pin
Connecting a button to Arduino
Reading data from analog pin
Reading data from a digital sensor
Example project: weather measurement station
Controlling outputs from Arduino
Switch LED from button
Controlling an LED from a potentiometer
Controlling an RGB led
Controlling a DC motor
Making sound using Arduino
Example project: creating a simple alarm system
Interfacing Arduino with external displays
Using an external LED matrix
Connecting an LCD screen to Arduino
Displaying data on the LCD screen
Connecting an OLED screen to Arduino
Example project: OLED weather station
Storing data with Arduino
Interfacing Arduino with an SD card reader
Writing/reading on an SD card
Storing data on an SD card
Using a real-time clock
Example: building a logging measurement station
Connecting your Arduino projects to the web
Options for Internet connectivity
How to use the Arduino MKR1000 board
Connect your Arduino to your local network
Log data to the web
Control your projects from anywhere
Example: cloud data logger project
Getting Started with Arduino


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