Building Internet of Things Projects with the ESP32

Building Internet of Things Projects with the ESP32

Created by Marco Schwartz
Last updated 7/2020
Building Internet of Things Projects with the ESP32 is my proven step-by-step video course designed to help you create projects using the amazing ESP32 WiFi chip, even if you are an absolute beginner in electronics, programming, or both. Building Internet of Things Projects with the ESP32 is a 6 modules step-by-step video course in which you will learn everything you need to know about the ESP32 WiFi chip, starting from the absolute basics, and end up building your own Internet of Things projects. I really used all the experience I acquired during all the time I worked with the ESP32, in order to create those step-by-step tutorials that will teach anyone how to create Internet of Things projects with this amazing WiFi chip. If you are serious about creating your own Internet of Things projects, this is the course for you.

Course Content

Introduction to the course & the ESP32 WiFi chip
Introduction to the course
The ESP32 WiFi chip
Internet of Things platforms
Required hardware & software for the course
Getting started with the ESP32
Discovering your ESP32 board
Installing the Arduino IDE
Basics of an Arduino sketch for the ESP32
Uploading your first sketch
Example project: fading an LED
Cloud data monitoring
Publishing sensor data in the cloud
Retrieving cloud sensor data
Monitoring data from a cloud dashboard
Creating automated alerts
Example project: Make a complete data monitoring system
Interacting with Web Services
Tweeting data from the ESP32
Storing measurement data on Google Drive
Automating your ESP32 projects with IFTTT
Sending automated notifications from your ESP32
Example project: build a cloud garden monitoring system with the ESP32
Controlling devices remotely
Introduction to the aREST platform
Controlling a LED from anywhere in the world
Controlling devices from a cloud dashboard
Example project: cloud-connected PowerSwitch with the ESP32
Machine to Machine interactions
Introduction to machine-to-machine interactions
Automated machine-to-machine with IFTTT
Machine-to-machine alarm system
Example project: Automated cloud light controller with the ESP32
Building Internet of Things Projects with the ESP32

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