Deep Learning with Python & TensorFlow 2.0
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Created by Marco Schwartz
Last updated 7/2020

Ever wanted to learn about to build machine learning projects?

This step-by-step course will show you exactly how to use Python & TensorFlow 2.0 to build powerful machine learning projects.

You will learn through concrete examples that will show you how to apply machine learnings to build exciting projects, like making predictions or classifying images.

At the end, you will able to create your own machine learning projects from scratch using the step-by-step flow you will learn inside the course. 

Course Content
Introduction to the course
Introduction & goals of the course
How to use the course
What is deep learning?
What is machine learning?
Artificial neural networks & deep learning
The typical deep learning flow
Challenges in deep learning
TensorFlow Core Concepts
What is TensorFlow?
Installing the TensorFlow environment
First project: simple curve fitting
Neural networks in TensorFlow
Training & evaluating the model
Prediction with TensorFlow
Deep learning for prediction tasks
Project: predict house prices
Preparing data for machine learning
Training a prediction model in TensorFlow
Using our model to predict data
Classification with TensorFlow
Deep learning for classification tasks
Project: forest cover type classifier
Types of neuron activation functions
Training the model & avoiding overfitting
Using a classifier
Image processing with convolutional networks
What are convolutional neural networks?
How to create CNNs in TensorFlow
Project: image processing with CNNs
Training & using a CNN in TensorFlow
Using your trained CNN
Times series processing with RNNs
What are recurrent neural networks?
How to create RNNs in TensorFlow
Project: time series prediction with RNNs
Training a RNN in TensorFlow
Using your trained RNN
Deploy your models & going further
Deploying your model
Using cloud computing
Tackling new problems & where to go from there
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